Vic Plastics


Vic palstics is one of the largest stockist of Mylar, Milky, Transparent, Metallic PET, Golden films, BOPP and Opaque films. We stock film with thickness from 12um to 450um.

Vic Plastics is a trade name of Victory Industries Pty Ltd, an independent business, owned by an Australian family, who have forayed into the Industrial and food packaging sector. Over several years of excellent service, we have accustomed and gathered vast experience in the industrial and food grade film industry.

We stock Mylar, Transparent, Milky and Metallic PET films and supply all around Australia, far and wide. We also source and supply quality transparent, metallic and clear BOPP Film, and grocery film to wholesalers and end users in Australia.

Our film thickness starting from 25micron to 450micron in Mylar, Milky and Transparent films available in Australia. we are also one of the top suppliers of high quality metallic Reflective Mylar Film in Australia. Our metallic Mylar looks similar to Aluminum foils, with a shiny, reflective look; but the difference is clear in durability, as Mylar does not tear easily like aluminum foil.

Vic Plastics is undoubtedly one of a kind, supplying Polyester films for a variety of end applications such as Packaging, Electrical & Motor and Cable Insulation, Safety, Printing, Die-cutting, Protective overlay, Barrier protection, among others.

We can source and supply higher thickness film as per customer requirements.